About us

Keeping generations of Canadians warm

Since 1961


Danny Gold, a ski racer for McGill University, develops a glove for skiing with knuckle protection.

KOMBI is born.


KOMBI becomes a founding partner of the National Ski Industry Association. Nancy Greene wins gold at the first Ski World Cup wearing KOMBI gloves.


Four daring Canadians dubbed the "Crazy Canucks" win the downhill World Cup, a title previously held only by Europeans. They wave to the world wearing KOMBI ski gloves.


KOMBI becomes one of the first brands to partner with GORE-TEX, featuring the new breathable, waterproof membrane in its products.


KOMBI releases the iconic Lobster Mitt. The launch is an unprecedented success.


KOMBI pays tribute to the days of crazy carpets and neon one-piece snowsuits with vintage-style gloves.


KOMBI opens its first pop-up shop and continues to grow strong.


Though best known for carefully crafted gloves and mitts, KOMBI today offers warmth expertise for base layers, socks, hats and cold weather accessories.

Keeping people's heart warm

Kombi supports over 20 local organizations from schools, to shelters and hospitals.