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Activity ideas for a springtime unlike any other.

Activity ideas for a springtime unlike any other.

We are confronting a new reality this spring…staying indoors. Because these days can start feeling a little long, we thought we’d ask the KOMBI team how they are spending their evenings and weekends. They had a bunch of great ideas we thought we’d share.

So whether you live alone, in a couple or have kids, here’s a little inspiration:

Many KOMBI team members told us that physical exercise is helping them keep morale up and passes the time. The benefits of getting some fresh air are well known. Taking walks, going for runs and bike rides are still allowed as long as social distancing guidelines are respected. You can also workout and meditate at home and many gyms and yoga studios are offering sessions online. Some are even doing them live which can be even more motivating.

Here are a few we’ve found around the Island of Montreal:

Some creative members of the team told us they are spending time making handmade decorations for their homes such as paper garlands. We’re spending so much time at home these days, why not beautify our surroundings?

Colouring with the kids is also a great option because it doesn’t require a lot of material and can keep everyone busy for an hour or two. KOMBI even prepared some colouring games and drawings that you can download here!

You can get lost in a book for hours and reading is a wonderful way to relax. Bedtime stories with kids are a great way for the family to spend time together. If the books you have at home have been read and re-read, check out the KOMBI book serie. Enjoy!

Listen to (or play!) music
Many artists are offering free music content on their social feeds. That can add ambiance to your evenings or even trigger a dance party! And for those out there with instruments at home that have been untouched for months, now’s the time to break them out. You can even make instruments with kids with materials you have on hand.

And finally, here is a list of some other activities you may also enjoy:

  • Do a puzzle
  • Play board games
  • Get a little spring cleaning done
  • Cook and bake
  • Sewing or knitting
  • Watch TV series and movies

We hope some of these ideas will inspire and help make isolation more comfortable for you.
Enjoy yourselves!

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