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How do GORE-TEX gloves keep you warm?

How do GORE-TEX gloves keep you warm?

GORE-TEX gloves have become incredibly popular over the past number of years. From watching pros snowboarding online, to the weekend warriors at your local hill, everybody seems to be wearing GORE-TEX gloves. But how do GORE-TEX gloves keep you warm when snowboarding?


GORE-TEX is an advanced fabric membrane that keeps your hands warm by keeping them dry, allowing moisture to escape, and by being a very adaptable and durable material.


Keep your hands warm

A wet hand is a cold hand. So one of the most important jobs of a snowboarding glove is to keep you dry and warm. GORE-TEX is a great choice for a warm pair of gloves as it is a fully waterproof fabric. In every square millimeter of GORE-TEX there are 14 million pores, these pores are so small water cannot pass through them. While other materials absorb water droplets, GORE-TEX prevents the water passing through the material. This is why we can often see beads of water droplets gathering on the exterior of GORE-TEX gear. No matter what your plans are for the upcoming snowboarding season, GORE-TEX gloves will keep you warm and dry. Don’t let the weather get in the way of your park laps and powder turns.

While the pores in GORE-TEX are too small to let water droplets in, they are the right size to allow the water molecules from sweat to pass out through it. This one-way system does a great job of keeping our hands warm. It keeps our hands dry and sweat-free. Sometimes when we’re snowboarding we can work up quite a sweat. This sweat then turns cold and leaves us shivering on the slopes. GORE-TEX allows this moisture to escape the glove, leaving us moisture-free and warm.


A high-quality insulating material

Because GORE-TEX is such a lightweight and adaptable material, it can be easily combined with other materials to make an awesome warm glove. Down is one of the best materials to keep you warm during winter, combining this with GORE-TEX keeps the down material in optimal condition. With GORE-TEX gloves your insulation stays dry and fully functional, which keeps you warm when snowboarding. These gloves will keep your hands toasty on even the coldest chairlift this winter.

GORE-TEX is a very durable material that can be found in sporting equipment for snowboarders, hikers, and even ice climbers. When it is combined with a rugged material like leather, GORE-TEX gloves can handle any condition. Snowboarding pushes our gear to its limits, and you can be sure that your pair of GORE-TEX gloves will keep you warm, run after run. GORE-TEX gloves have a long lifespan, partly due to them being machine washable and tumble drier friendly. In fact, tumble drying GORE-TEX can help restore the durable water repellent fabric on the outer layer. Making GORE-TEX gloves go further, for longer.


+Gore Warm & +Gore Active certifications

All KOMBI gloves featuring a GORE-TEX membrane are certified +Gore Warm or +Gore Active. The +Gore Warm certification recognizes the higher insulation performance of the product. The +Gore Active is for balanced heat transfer and optimized moisture management of the product so that hands stay dry and warm during intense activities.

A trusted company

KOMBI Canada has been crafting gloves and mitts since 1961 and has partnered with GORE-TEX since the 1980s. KOMBI Canada’s GORE-TEX gloves have been an incredibly popular choice for snowboarders for a long time now. Our gloves have been worn by many World Cup winners. Our GORE-TEX gloves are waterproof, adaptable, breathable and durable which keeps you warm when snowboarding.

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