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What you’ll love this fall

What you’ll love this fall

Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to trade in those swimsuits and flip-flops for long sleeves and hats. But there is a silver lining: KOMBI offers an amazing selection of accessories to start off the new school year and help your kids brave those first chilly days.

Stay safe, stay healthy

At KOMBI, we believe in making outside a safer, warmer place for us all. Our extensive KOMBI CARE™ collection offers  protection, comfort and peace of mind. Our juniors Pleated Face Mask is a must-have this back-to-school season.

KOMBI CARE. Breathe easier

KOMBi Care Juniors Pleated Face Mask

For crisp mornings

The days are getting shorter, and the mornings are getting chillier. It’s important to make sure your kids’ hands and ears are well-protected and toasty warm.

The Windguardian

The Windguardian mitts are a fall wardrobe essential for those extra windy days. These soft and comfortable fleece mitts feature KOMBI’s exclusive windproof barrier, which blocks the cold but doesn’t trap the humidity in. The palms feature non-slip fabric that makes them perfect for schoolyard play. The Windguardian comes in a wide variety for colours, for kids of all ages. And good news—they’re also available for adults!

KOMBI Children Winguardian fleece mittens

The Cheery mittens

New this season: the Cheery wool blend mitts for children. Soft, practical and available in four fashionable fall colours… what’s not to love?

KOMBI Cheery Wool Blend children mittens

KOMBI Animal Family socks

Your older kids will love the KOMBI Animal Family theme socks. Their cute mix of colours and patterns adds a touch of fun to any outfit! The KOMBI Animal Family socks are made with flat toe seams and thick cushioning. So comfy that your kids won’t want to take them off!

KOMBI animal family socks

Crazy for hats made in Canada

Pompoms and flashy colours, KOMBI is glad to offer a beautiful selection of knit hats made in Canada. Take a look at our warm and trendy Craze and Stylish hats.

KOMBI hats made in canada

Back-to-school gets better

What’s the thing kids love most about going back to school? Getting new school supplies and accessories to spruce up and personalize their lockers and desks!

Accessory organizers

A kid with an organized locker won’t waste time searching for their tuque and mitts! KOMBI accessory organizers are light-weight and easy to use. And, they add a splash of colour and a dose of fun to those dull metal lockers.

KOMBI medium size organizers

The Animal Backpack

KOMBI’s Animal Backpack is equal parts soft and cute. It’s the perfect companion for school, trips and other adventures, providing the perfect place for your child to store all their treasures.

KOMBI Animal backpack

The Animal Family book series

Start this year on the right foot, with a book! KOMBI’s Animal Family book series features cute characters experiencing life’s big moments just like your kids are—like the first day of school!

KOMBI Book series

Enjoy the fall and the new school year!

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