About our Warranty
What is the Kombi Warranty ?

Reliable winter accessories can make or break your relationship with winter. We believe in our high manufacturing standards so much that we’ve created a 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects for regular products or a 2-year warranty on heated products and 1 year for their accessories. Please take note that the batteries associated with our heated products have a life span of 1 year.

Kombi’s extended warranty comes into effect once the retailer’s warranty is over. This is normally between 15 and 30 days depending on the retailer (ask your retailer for their warranty information, it may be on their receipts).

*Please make sure that you can provide a clear photo of the product’s original receipt before registering any claim.
What is a manufacturing defect ?

Kombi considers that any faulty construction of the product is a manufacturing defect.

What is not covered by the warranty ?
  • Products produced before 2019.
  • Regular wear and tear such as product sun discolouration, pilling, looser fit, feathers coming out, natural odours due to wear, etc.
  • Improper care of your product. Please refer to your product’s care instructions located on the inside of your product and on the hangtags.
  • Improper handling of your product. For example, getting your product caught on something sharp and putting a hole in it.
  • Cold hands due to improper sizing or product choice: A product too small lessens blood circulation and a product too big allows air inside. Buying a product that is not best suited for your intended activities could lead to cold hands as well.
  • Lost, misplaced or stolen items.
  • Altered products or products without labels.
Contacting Kombi within the retailer’s return policy deadline

Kombi’s warranty is an extension of the store’s return policy.

If you purchased your Kombi products yesterday, or last week, you are probably still within the retailer’s return policy (check your receipt). Each store has their own return policy timeline for product refund, store credit or exchange regardless of the issue.
Kombi will not take back any products that are still within the store’s return policy timeframe – this timeframe is different for each store, please ensure you ask the store you purchased your products at what their return policy is.

How will Kombi know if I am still within the store’s warranty policy ?

Kombi requires a clear photo of the original receipt showing the date of purchase, product name and price.

Contacting Kombi after the store warranty is expired with original receipt

Please fill in the online form below.

Please ensure the form is filled out completely to ensure the process is quick and easy. Any missing information will extend the process. Thank you for your cooperation, Kombi’s main goal is to keep customers warm and happy!

We will get back to you within thirty (30) business days.

What if my Kombi products were not purchased in Canada ?

Please take note if we accept your warranty claim you will be provided a discount code in the value of your product – the shipping charges of the replacement item is a flat fee of $9,75+taxes.

Online Warranty Form

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      If Kombi cannot see the defect due to unclear photos, the customer will need to send the product to Kombi’s head office at the customer’s own expense.
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