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3 ways wearing a toque can keep you fashionable as the temperature drops!

3 ways wearing a toque can keep you fashionable as the temperature drops!

As winter approaches, it’s time to bundle up and keep our ears warm. But the encroaching cold weather does not mean you have to sacrifice style.  There are easy ways to incorporate winter accessories to stay warm and still look good. Wearing a toque can be your go-to winter fix, a saviour for those extra chilly days, or simply for a bad hair day.

KOMBI Canada has a wide variety of different toques available that you can use in your outfit. Here are some ideas to stay stylish during the Canadian winter:

Darker colours

Staying warm and fashionable during the winter can be difficult, and often we are limited by the colour of our coat throughout the season. Luckily, we can rely on winter accessories to add a fashionable and functional touch to our essential Canadian style. For your day-to-day look, you can rely on a super soft and simple, dark toque. Neutral colours like black, or grey are much more versatile and allow you to coordinate with any outerwear you opt for on that day. You can even commit 100% and get a matching pair of mittens or gloves to complete the outfit.

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The Lodger Jacquard Toque – Adults

Keep it light

If you’re not a fan of black or grey, because it’s too drab: a white or cream winter toque may be a better option for you. A lighter toque is a nice way to brighten your look and keep yourself looking fresh especially as the winter months drag out. You can pair lighter colours with lace or sparkly details in your outfit to accent your feminine look, all while staying warm.

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Chic Faux-Fur Pompom Toque – Women

Graceful Faux-Fur Pompom Toque for Women

The casual approach

Another good option, specifically on a bad hair day, is to coordinate your hat with your outfit beneath your coat. Opting for a simple toque or a chunky knit hat, you can cover your ears from the Northern winds all while maintaining an element of fun, and hiding your inevitable hat hair.

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The Cottage Pompom Toque – Adults

KOMBI Canada is a good place to start shopping for all your winter accessory needs.

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