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A lighthearted back to school

A lighthearted back to school

So it’s back to school once again, and this involves covering schoolbooks, identifying all the items belonging to Junior, ensuring that pencils are sharpened, and, yes, making lunches. And to get the cutie off on the right foot for the new school year, it’s important to have all the appropriate garments for the colder days that are fast approaching.

When autumn arrives, nothing is better than the 3-in-1 Oliver glove. It has a mitten cover hidden in a mesh pocket, which your little student can add for better protection against the elements during recess. The Kombi accessory organizer with identifiable pockets are perfect for storing things in their proper place and not having to turn a locker upside down to find a glove. It was designed specifically for school, so that your child won’t waste precious minutes searching everywhere. And with back to school comes a new look! With the head-turning Snowboarder hat containing 50% wool, your offspring will remain warm and look cool at the same time!

But just because you’re little doesn’t mean that you can’t do what grownups do. Socks for the cottage delight the young’uns, who’ll feel as trendy as (if not trendier than!) Mom and Dad. And to keep your hands warm during the first colder days, Kombi hand warmers slip easily into gloves and mittens for hours of warmth. Ideal for games in the schoolyard or walking back home.

The entire Kombi team wishes all parents and kids a joyfully chaotic back to school!

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