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A promise that holds true

Winter accessories have one job, and that is to be warm. Yes, they can be pretty and come in a gazillion colours, but their main purpose is to keep you warm. Period. And at Kombi, it’s been our motto for a long while, now. That’s why we equipped dozens of our gloves and mitts with the incredible +Gore Warm technology that keeps your hands warmer, longer.

Studies have shown that skiers can lose up to 5 grams of sweat per hour per hand. Since a ski outing usually lasts more than an hour (we sure hope so!), imagine how humid normal gloves can get! When our hands are humid or wet, they tend to get cold very fast. The Gore Fabrics team conducted an extensive study of sweating mechanisms under various conditions, studying how different fabrics reacted to sweat and how they worked to keep hands warm. Once they had a clear picture of do’s and don’ts, they went to work to create one of the most efficient warmth-retaining yet breathable fabrics, and called their new technology +Gore Warm




So what exactly is +Gore Warm? Simply put, it’s a total optimization to keep your hands warm and comfy up to 15 minutes after stopping all exercise and after the blood flow has returned to normal. The inner lining, the protective membrane and the exterior shell work together to keep warmth at your fingertips. It’s a whole new approach that was made possible thanks to detailed breathability and isolation performance testing. The end result is high-performance products that are equally warm, water-and wind-resistant as they are breathable.


Science has long been the winter adventurer’s best friend. Once more, it allowed a team of dedicated “winter engineers” to come up with products that even the toughest conditions can’t deter. And, humbly, we think they rock. Discover them here. Your hands will be forever grateful.


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