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The Ménard Clan Hits the Slopes.

The Ménard Clan Hits the Slopes.

Passion from one generation to the next.




Skiing is a family tradition for the Ménard clan. There’s not one member of the family who isn’t passionate about it. And they don’t just love skiing, they live it: from Carole-Anne, who works at Ski Bromont to Loric´s grandpa who has taught at the Mont-Saint-Anne ski school for 25 years and is still going strong. It’s a lifestyle calling for performance equipment that’s comfy and warm.


How old were you when you started skiing? 
My brother and I began when we were five years old. My son Loric started when he was two and- a-half. Mountains are his friends. He skis a bit everywhere and snowboards too.


What kind of skier are you? 
Ummm… passionate? (laughs). I would say foolhardy. We ski proudly and intensely. No matter the conditions, you’ll find us on the slopes!


Your ideal conditions? 
Outside Quebec, definitely powder. There’s nothing like it: a feeling of floating on snow. But if there’s a storm, we’ll be at Sutton or Bromont!


A perfect day on the slopes is…

A day spent skiing with those you love. Spring skiing under the sun… Days like that are so memorable and we’ll often gather at the bottom for a drink afterwards.

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The Fastest : My brother Patrick, thanks to his size.
The most technical : My father, he’s all about precision.
The most sensitive to the cold : Me… long live heating soles!
The least sensitive to the cold :  My son Loric.
The first on the slopes : Patrick.
The last on the slopes : My father, my mom or my brother.
The wildest : Patrick, but each of us are in our own way.
The most prudent : My mom.
The most stylish on the slopes : We all are a little…
Lunch or poutine? : Lunch. I always prepare hearty sandwiches! And later, we make a point of gathering together for dinner.
The Ménards’ après-ski? : At the Tucker bar or at my parents, around a fire with a glass of wine or beer, and snacks. It’s part and parcel of skiing!

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